Upload Files 2 SharePoint Online using GRAPH API

Sometimes it is needed to Upload Files to Sharepoint Online. One solution is to use the Graph API. Let me show how we can achive this goal. There are 2 solutions with Graph API Upload Files up to 4MB Upload Files with a File Steram bigger than 4MB First we will do the easy wayContinue reading “Upload Files 2 SharePoint Online using GRAPH API”

LIFO & FIFO with Powershell

In this Post i will explain how we can Use Stack’s & Queue’s in Powershell. It is nothing specail but sometimes very helpfull to know ! Last in First out (LIFO) LIFO is nothing more than a stack. An example of a stack would be the back button in many programs. The previouse value weContinue reading “LIFO & FIFO with Powershell”

Track Azure AD Group Changes with Powershell and Graph API

In this post i will explain how to deal with group changes in Azure AD to get delta changes with Powershell and Graph API. Azure App Registration Request the token Get AAD Groups from Graph API Pagination Get Delta chagnes for AAD Groups Azure App Registration Register an App in Azure App Registration with theContinue reading “Track Azure AD Group Changes with Powershell and Graph API”